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Honey is the substance made when the nectar and sweet deposits from plants are gathered, modified and stored in the honeycomb by honeybees. Where a bee collects its nectar determines the characteristics of honey such as the color, flavor, and composition.


PURE Honey Product Information

What makes PURE honey unique is the fact that we keep all of our own bees, and harvest only from the hives we tend. We work hard to maintain healthy hives, which are not treated with any harsh chemicals, and keep our bees on land that will only benefit to their health. When it is time to harvest we bring our bee boxes to our USDA approved facility in Winters to extract. We do not heat treat or filter our honey. By keeping our own bees, extracting, and bottling our own PURE honey products. We are able to keep a high standard of quality control and provide our customers with the best all natural and unfiltered honey products.



Benefits of PURE Honey

Honey is nature’s natural sweetener and carries wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. It is a delicious and all natural energy source, carrying 17 grams of carbohydrates, per teaspoon. It has been proven that honey is a natural cough suppressant. Honey is beneficial for you both internal and externally. Honey carries humectants that attracts and retains moisture and antimicrobial properties that help to cleanse your skin.  A honey-based mask is great for your skin or hair. Honey is the ONE food product that never spoils!

You can find PURE Honey at these fine Locations:

Boudin’s (San Francisco on the wharf), Bodega Bay Farmers Market (seasonally), Davis Co-op, Davis Farmers Market (Wednesday & Saturday), Napa Farmers Market (seasonally), Berkeley Bowl West, Granzilla’s Private Label, Lorenzo’s Market, Nugget Markets, Rainbow Cooperative, Turkovich Family Wines Tasting Room, the Winters Chamber of Commerce, and Rendez-Vous Winery at the Old Sugar Mill.

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