Our Bees & Farm

Our Business is Our Bees

Henry’s Bullfrog Bees Pollination Services and PURE Honey is a family owned farm and apiary located in Winters, California. Head beekeeper, Henry Harlan, is a dedicated fifth generation farmer from Woodland. Henry established Henry’s Bullfrog Bees in 2007. His passion for farming brought him back to Yolo County to provide bees for his families’ farm. Henry’s wife Robin Harlan established PURE Honey products in 2009, with the assistance of her daughter Doneice Woody. At the end of 2013 Brock Woody, Robin’s son and Henry’s stepson, joined the team as a Financial Director and Beekeeper.

Safe Sustainable Bee-Keeping

Henry’s Bullfrog Bees is committed to safe sustainable bee-keeping practices, to help maintain optimal bee health and provide robust hives for pollination services; equally dedicated to producing clean, raw, all natural honey, and beeswax.

Location, Location, Location

We help farmers pollinate a wide variety of crops throughout Yolo, Colusa, Solano, Sonoma, Sacramento, El Dorado, and Alameda Counties. It is important for bees to forage a wide variety of flora. We are continually looking for new locations to place our bees to live and thrive. If you are interested in having Henry’s Bullfrog Bees on your property give us a call today!

Our Goals and Beliefs

Together our Henry’s bullfrog Bees family promises to care for our hives through sustainable practices, uphold the quality of the land, increase crop yield, maintain healthy hives, and provide top quality honey products to our community. We strive to bring excellent pollination to each field and great tasting honey to your table, while sharing our knowledge of the incredible benefits that come from honeybees.