Our Story

Our Process

Henry Harlan and our hardworking employees are with our bees every step of the way during pollination and honey flow seasons. It is of utmost importance to place our bees in safe locations to forage

We handle it all in house

When it is time to harvest honey, we take our bee boxes to our USDA approved facility located on County Road 26 in Winters for extraction. We do not heat treat or filter our honey products

Clean, pure, all natural

The honey you enjoy from Henry’s Bullfrog Bees and PURE honey is all from our own hives. This ensures quality control along with the knowledge that our honey is clean, pure, raw, all natural, and the bees have not been treated with any harsh chemicals.

Straight from our farm to your table

We go even further and bottle and sticker all of our own jars at our facility. We maintain sustainable beekeeping and harvesting practices to keep our customers happy and healthy!