Contact our head beekeeper Henry Harlan or Brock Woody.

Discuss the crop(s) you want pollinated, how many hives you may need, and when the bloom cycle begins.

Step 2

Bees are placed on your property in the order you request.

During this time the bees will forage from bloom to bloom collecting nectar and pollinating.

Step 3

Leave the bee boxes in the field during the bloom cycle.Henry and our hard working employees will check on the bees and the pollination process during this time.

Step 4

Bees are removed from your farm when the bloom cycle and pollination process has ended.


Pollination quality makes the difference between crop success and failure.

Henry’s Bullfrog Bees goal is to provide farmers with strong hives to increase crop yields. Our hives are rented by the bloom cycle.
When you are ready “To get a jump on pollination,” call Henry’s Bullfrog Bees (530) 681-2971.